Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 -- it was a year

Don't know about you, I'm happy to leave 2009 behind and get a fresh start. It was a busy year for sure. Trips to several conventions, a new book released, a fantastic book launch party and lots of signings. The end of the year finds me looking for more effective (read that: less expensive) ways to get the word out about my forensic handwriting mystery series. The two phrases I keep hearing from successful authors are "blogging" and "social networking." So, I've been typing my little fingers to the bone, guest blogging wherever anyone is interested in handwriting analysis or mystery topics, and I finally started Tweeting, too.

As 2010 begins I'm thinking about what comes next--a non-fiction book about relationships: what motivates people to keep involving themselves in the same painful situations over and over again (and some ideas about how to choose healthier relationships). I'm also thinking about my next mystery, which involves two themes that have always fascinated me. Oh, I'm not going to tell you what they are--that's part of the mystery!

May every good thing find you in the new year. And remember--buy books!

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