Monday, May 28, 2007

What Would Fifi Say?

Fifi Cutter is a biracial 20 something, living in LA. Her adventures are chronicled by Gwen Freeman, in the "Fifi Cutter Mysteries." Rejected as not black enough by her father's family and not white enough by her mother's, Fifi is prematurely bitter and consequently spends a lot of time on her computer, trying to make virtual friends. This is her blog.

Most dudes and fluffs my age don't read murder mysteries, you know? But I do. Even the cozies with cats and quilts set in quaint little towns in places so different from LA, it's like reading science fiction. Well, I like science fiction, too. I'm just hooked on comfort-lit. If I don't get my fix, I'm all shaky and irritable. More irritable than usual, I mean. What is it? The sense of order restored, I guess. The controlled terror. Like being on a roller coaster. You can scream all you want but you know you're going to end up safely coasting in, and you'll be let off right where you got on, the same snaggle- toothed, greasy haired, tatted up roadie copping a feel as he helps you out of the car. Ahh, what I wouldn't give for Windex blue cotten candy right now.

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