Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Book

(Like mine, for instance)

by Jeffrey Leever, author of Dark Friday

1. Understand that there are two kinds of fiction: literary and commercial. Literary fiction is what English teachers make people read in school, and the kind of books Oprah likes. Commercial fiction is what people read for pleasure. I write commercial fiction.

2. The chance to free your imagination. For once, don’t let some Hollywood marketing pinhead decide for you whether your entertainment will be PG-13 or R. (Why should he decide?) Let your mind fill in the blanks, picture the characters, the scenery. It’s worth it.

3. Time: I can almost guarantee it will take less time to read and get through my book than it takes to sit through a lot of movies that get released these days. I believe in fast-moving, heart-pumping, easy-to-get- through stories. Less than 300 pages; ideal for the on-the-go person.

4. The cover looks intriguing on any coffee table. Friends and visitors will notice. And if you need to shelve the book somewhere spine out, it still has this lovely red splat on it that’s eye-catching. (Is it paint? Is it blood? Even the author’s not quite sure…)

5. If you made it through school, you’ve had all kinds of mind-numbingly boring books you were forced to read. Now’s your chance to take a stand for justice and read something entertaining. I’m here for you.

6. Books have many bonus perks. For instance, you can’t hit a rogue spider running across your couch with a movie ticket. Weigh it.

7. Sure you could spend your money on a new DVD, or a blu-ray disc, or an HD-DVD…who can explain the difference? On the other hand, books the printed word as a format consistently non-confusing.

8. The majority of people have never finished a book since high school. You don’t have to be in that percentage of people. Why be a conformist?

9. Next time you see some good-looking person at a party, you’ll be able to say “Hey, I was reading this book…” and have it actually be the truth. Think about it: The truth on your side, giving you a leg up in the conversation. We can all use a leg up.

10. That’s “10” as in 10 bucks and a few cents. That was the price of Dark Friday at and at the time this list was written. In any case, my book will only set you back $10 to $15 when and wherever you buy it. Order a copy online, bundle it with a CD (or another book, or whatever) and get free shipping. Or ask for it at a bookstore, and maybe grab a latte. You’ll be set.

Thanks for reading and tell your friends. I’m here for them, too. – JL

Feel free to investigate my credentials or check out a sample chapter:


David said...

If your book reads as well as your blog posts you're sure to be catapulted to the top. You have a Harlan Cobenesque quality to you. Fun and humorous writing wrapped around a serious and suspenseful plot. That's what I'm guessing I'd find. Best of luck.

David Brollier

Jackie Houchin said...

Very nice blog to start the day. Unfortunately, it can apply to many other authors and their books. But thanks for thinking up all those ideas and serving them to us. I like it. I'll check out your book, too.
Jackie Houchin
Writer, Reviewer, Photographer

Jeffrey Leever said...

" can apply to many other authors and their books."

Yes, that's intentional.

Best wishes,
Jeffrey Leever

blueb2piLOT said...

so it only took me about 3 hours total to read your book...and let me say, its not too shabby. since you like murder mystery thrillers, you may try to put a Poe-like edge to the next one.

happy with my signed book,
yours truly,
A1C Blue